Practical Mathematics




The co-operation project „Practical mathematics in technical education and other fields“

... is focusing on teaching mathematics in an innovative and creative way. The studies of mathematics will be integrated to professional studies such as design and carpentry. It is necessary to find ways, materials and methods of teaching, which would make mathematics more realistic and attractive to students. Integrating the tasks of mathematics to professional studies (making up tasks, which are directly connected to the real situation in carpentry or design) would be helpful in makeing students understand the subject.

The methodology of data-driven-instrution and the concept of integrated learning will be involved in the project.

A part of the project is integration of design and carpentry. The current situation is that carpenters are not understanding the demands, needs of designers. The creativity skills of carpenters will be focused on in order to strenghten their co-operation with designers.

The project is granted by EEA/Norway Grants Scholarship programme: (

Project coordinator:
Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus (

Project partners:
MTÜ Skills Estonia (
Breidholt College (